Summer holidays by the North Sea

Sun and beach is the ideal combination for a wonderful summer holiday. Texel has the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands and kilometres of beach and sea. Book your summer holiday now!


Summer holiday on Texel

Summer holidays on Texel? The summer holidays are an ideal time for a wonderful stay on Texel. LandhuizenTexel has a wide choice of the best accommodation on Texel. You will certainly succeed with us for your summer holiday on Texel. We rent quietly located country houses, beautiful Dune Suites, attractively furnished bungalows with a large garden and terrace, flats directly by the sea in De Koog or luxury villas. For a wonderful summer holiday on Texel, we have selected the most beautiful spots for you.

Popular island

Texel is the most popular island in the Netherlands for a wonderful summer holiday. And with good reason, because during a warm summer it is great to spend time here. Soaking up the sun, digging holes with the children on the beach or swimming in the sea - that's what a summer holiday on Texel is all about.

Summer destination

Sun, sea and beach is what you can expect from a summer holiday on Texel. With the highest number of sunshine hours in the Netherlands, our largest Wadden Sea island is a summer destination par excellence. People also call Texel 'the Ibiza of the north'. Properly considered, however, Texel does not have much to do with Ibiza. In fact, Texel is affordable and easy to do by bike. It has no mountains and, with its green meadows, is very Dutch. The holiday accommodation you find in our offer is all located in and around the village of De Koog.

Parking and public transport

Parking can be difficult on Texel during the summer holidays, due to the large crowds. In the villages and at beach resorts, it is also paid parking. At our apartment complexes and of course at your bungalow, it is not only free, but also safe. The island has two public transport services: Connexxion and Texelhopper. The Connexxion bus shuttles back and forth, from the ferry port, to De Koog, calling at Den Burg. Texelhopper has around 130 stops and can be ordered by appointment at the same time. With Texelhopper you hop easily, to any village or place of interest.


During summer, the exuberant blooms of spring and the bustle of breeding colonies, have come to an end. In its place have come bright sunshine, singing crickets and praying raptors and kingfishers. One of the most beautiful areas to visit in the summer holidays on Texel is De Slufter. In the warm months, the English grass and sea aster colour the salt marshes in beautiful shades of lilac and purple. Summer is also an ideal time for a mudflat walk or a boat trip. If you are willing, you can encounter the white-beaked dolphin and watch the seals sunbathe on the sandbanks.


For anyone who wants to see a little more than just the beach during their Texel summer holiday, there is plenty to see and experience on the island. Eierland lighthouse, for example. This beacon of light near De Cocksdorp is not only a challenge to climb, but also hosts fun exhibitions. Ecomare, just a little south of De Koog, is also a real 'must see' as is swimming paradise Calluna with its rapids and outdoor slides. Of a completely different calibre, is the covered wagon ride or ride on horseback, through nature reserve De Waal. For a complete impression of Texel, one holiday is certainly not enough.

Summer holidays by region

The summer holidays do not fall the same for all schools, due to the distribution of the three regions in the Netherlands, not everyone goes on summer holidays to Texel at the same time. However, the demand for a Texel holiday in that period remains high and it is wise not to wait too long to book your summer holiday on Texel. The earlier you book, the more choice you have in the availability of our accommodation.

Luxury and comfort

Even if you spend most of your Texel summer holiday on the beach, some luxury in your holiday accommodation is never out of place. It is nice that in the kitchen of your bungalow, in addition to a coffee machine, there is also a microwave and convection oven. And what about air conditioning and comfortable box-spring beds? After a day of lying uncomfortably on the beach sand, a long bike ride or climbing in the climbing park, a good bed is a real treat for your body. The holiday homes and flats you find in our offer are privately owned. That is why every house is different. Take your time to look at our selection and choose the flat with the best facilities.

Family and dog

During the summer holidays on Texel, it can be quite busy. For you and your family, it's quite cosy, a bit of life. For your dog, all that bustle, combined with the heat, can be a bit too much of a good thing. To keep him waiting for you during your shopping, not in the sun in front of a supermarket or in the car, look for a holiday home with a large enclosed garden. You can find several of them in our offer. This way, not only will you have a good time, but your pet as well.

Walking and cycling

However beautiful and nice it is on the beach, Texel is too beautiful not to spend a few days walking and/or cycling as well. There is always a nice breeze on the island, so you can take your bike even in the summer holidays, without the sweat pouring off you on all sides. The island has a cycle junction network of more than 140 km of cycle paths. At the nodes, there are clear information boards with clear information on to-dos and distances. In De Duinen van Texel National Park, the walking routes are marked with coloured posts.

Book now

The staff at LandhuizenTexel are on hand every day during your summer holiday on Texel to make you feel completely at ease. If you want to know anything about the island, feel free to ask us, after all, we are the experts in Texel holidays. Fancy Texel? Book your summer holiday on Texel now at LandhuizenTexel.


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