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LandhuizenTexel has been managing and letting villas and country houses with lots of comfort and privacy for over 30 years. We set high standards for the houses that are rented out. "They must offer a lot of comfort and something unique such as a special location or wellness facilities. Our guests want to experience the island feeling. They are looking for peace and space, with neat gardens and privacy but also 24-7 good service. Precisely those special locations and service are our great strength," father and daughter (Rob and Carmen van der Werff) tell us. "Our target group wants to have it better on holiday than at home. The trick is to surprise your guests then too. The nicest thing you can hear is that when they check out, they say: this is where I would like to live." All luxury country houses are located in and around De Koog. "Close to the sea and close to the cosiness of the village."

150 accommodations

In total, we rent about 150 accommodations through Texelvakanties.nl. Our rental business started with apartment complex Juliana on Badweg in De Koog (almost half of our total offer). From the beautiful flats with balconies, guests have a majestic view of the North Sea and/or the island. At walking distance from the centre of De Koog is our second park, Villapark Kamperfoelie, a small-scale five-star park with 36 luxury villas. A hidden paradise with much attention to the gardens around the villas. But accommodation in the middle of the Texel forest or on the edge of Texel Dunes National Park is also an option. After these two park complexes, many more apartment complexes and parks were added. The offer became increasingly luxurious and larger, such as Villapark Buytenplaats and Waalerburght, and thus the name LandhuizenTexel.nl was born.


As a family, we have been managing and renting out various holiday homes on the amazing island of Texel for over 30 years with a great deal of pleasure, love and passion. We always want to offer your guests an unforgettable Texel experience. Hospitality and service are very important to us and we strive for optimal returns. We proudly take care of everything for you.

Tips from the host

Texel is a vibrant island. There is plenty to do all year round: from unique sports events and culinary activities to the best music festivals. Of course, a visit to well-known places such as the Slufter nature reserve, the lighthouse and Ecomare is more than worthwhile. But there are many more places to discover.

  • Tip 5 The Muy nature reserve and the Netherlands

  • Tip 4 Walking the bottom of the sea

  • Tip 3 Beach activities such as blokarting, surf kayaking or rafting

  • Tip 2 Eat kibbeling in the harbour village of Oudeschild

  • Tip 1 Walk on the Hors and through the Horsmeertjes


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